• OrderPad and Point of Sale (Limited Service Restaurant)

    Inside the Box Café and Catering

    "The CAKE OrderPad really changed how we do business here…it definitely made a huge difference in our success."

    Cliff Barsi, Senior Director of Food Services and Social Enterprise

  • Point of Sale (Limited Service Restaurant)

    Butcher's Char-B-Que

    "I researched every product on the market…"

    Ed Ferencik, Co-Owner

  • Point of Sale (Full Service Restaurant)


    "For me the greatest benefits of CAKE are ease of use, price, and the ability to access it from anywhere in the world."

    Guillaume Beinaime, Owner


    Los Gatos Roasting Company

    "Since we’ve implemented CAKE, we’ve increased our sales by as much as 10%. Part of if was like, why didn’t I embrace this earlier? Thank god I did it, and did it now."

    Teri Hope, Owner


    From Scratch

    "Our sales went up and we were able to generate a better flow allowing us to run at 100% capacity."

    Steven Grebing, Owner


    Branding Iron

    "The restaurant was losing $1,000 to $4,000 per year and now with the help & assistance of CAKE – we’re profiting that much!"

    Jennifer Lozoya, Owner

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  • Point of Sale

    Ike’s Lair

    "With CAKE’s hourly reports, we were able to see how we could save three hours a day in payroll and even increase our sales by $200-300 by adjusting our employee hours."

    Edgar Molina, General Manager

  • Point of Sale

    Family Homestyle Café

    "This has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. It has great online reporting that I can check from anywhere – even on the go. I’d recommend CAKE to anyone."

    Mark Delgado, Owner Operator

  • Point of Sale

    iConnect Cafe

    "This is the most user friendly system I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s so easy to train staff and the customer support is by far the best I’ve ever encountered."

    Robert, General Manager

  • Guest Manager

    Cafe Strudel

    "Not only can I provide more accurate wait times to my guests, but we’ve been able to turn tables faster. Resulting in extra money in our pocket and happier guests!"

    Tripp Turbyfill, Owner

  • Guest Manager


    "Leapset Guest Manager is a lifesaver during our busiest times. The system allows us to effortlessly manage our wait list. Our staff was hooked within minutes and our guests love it!"

    Lukus Hasenstab, General Manager

  • Guest Manager


    "Our hosts now spend less time managing the wait list and more time greeting and servicing our guests. Now we can measure performance and improve our operations"

    George Itoh, Director of Operations

"With the CAKE Guest Manager and POS, I always know which tables are nearing completion and can notify the next waiting guest faster. This means less waiting for my guests, faster table turns, and more guests through the restaurant."

Tripp Turbyfill, Owner, Cafe Strudel

  • Point of Sale

    The Lettuce Inn

    "Things are so easy on this machine. And the customer service is excellent. I mean, every time you need help they’re right there."

    Karen Bell, Owner

  • Point of Sale

    I Java Cafe

    "It’s so easy to take orders! In five seconds I can finish one big section and keep my line moving smoothly. I really love it!"

    Sandra Zamora, Owner

  • Point of Sale

    Quincy Street

    "I love the fact that I was out of town, two weeks ago and I was able to log on and see how the sales were doing and even know when they closed for the day."

    Caryn Pierce, Owner

  • Guest Manager

    Bethany Blues

    "Things have been so much easier at the front door. Being able to see exactly how long a table was waiting and how long it had been since we called them was a huge plus for us."

    Nate Williams, General Manager

  • Guest Manager

    The Starboard

    "Never has the front door run so smoothly. We are now able to operate using one less hostess than the typical shift. No more confusing handwritten lists or paging systems."

    Keith Kirk, General Manager

  • Guest Manager

    Lucky Strike Lanes

    "We’ve used pagers and other wait list management systems, but we chose CAKE because of their superior product and attention to customer service."

    Brian Kline, Operations Manager

  • Point of Sale

    Pacific Sushi

    "I have tried several other Point of Sales recently, CAKE’s system has been superior on so many levels. "

    Michael Horgan, Owner

  • Point of Sale

    Cafe Paleo Brio

    "Integrating 7shifts with Cake has been seamless. Staff are more engaged and managing labor has been easy."

    Brian Alcorn, Owner

  • CAKE Support

    Davis Bakery

    "I am just so satisfied. Every time I’ve hit a problem with support or what I thought was a problem with the equipment it was solved within hours."

    Brian Alcorn, Owner

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