Restaurant Back Office Software Solution

Simplify the way your back office runs. Operate your restaurant more efficiently.

From reports to menu to inventory to 3rd party integrations, CAKE’s restaurant back office software solutions makes it easier for you to know your numbers, maximize your efficiency, and ultimately raise your revenue.


Save Time. Save Money.

Like any successful businesses, knowing your numbers is an essential part for how you will run a profitable restaurant. CAKE’s back-office software solutions make it easy for you to save time and money, while you increase the efficiencies in your processes.

Start pulling real-time reports in the CAKE Dashboard and analyze your business. Need to make sure you are on top of your accounting? Employees? Inventory? Not to worry, with 3rd Party integrations we got your restaurant covered. 

Know Your Business

Run the reports that matter and get an understanding of how your restaurant operates. With real-time data you can make necessary adjustments.

Decrease Expenses

Paying overtime when unnecessary is not ideal. Do you have more workers on a shift than sales? You can efficiently schedule your staff.

Optimize Your Time

Being a cloud-based solution, you can work from anywhere in the world, and use your time wisely to ultimately raise your revenue.

Restaurant Back Office Menu

Menu Management

Simplify the way you create and edit your menus that are built into the CAKE Point of Sale System. As a cloud-based system, whether you are at the restaurant, in the comfort of your own home, or around the world you can make menu adjustments based on the data that is collected to maximize your profits.

Restaurant Inventory

With a rudimentary inventory system, you can figure out how much you have left for an item/modifier on the menu. If you are out of stock, simply mark the item as 86’d, so your servers know whether the item would still be on the menu.

CAKE has partnered with Orca to deliver a robust inventory management system to reduce food waste, drive down costs and streamline your kitchen.

Restaurant Back Office Inventory
Restaurant Back Office Reports

Staff & Scheduling

By collecting clock-in and clock-out data from the point of sale into a report, you will be able to easily figure out who is working for time-and-a-half and adjust your schedule that way. 

With a 3rd-party integration to 7Shifts you are able to handle scheduling and staffing your restaurant to be the most effective. Using the data collected from the Point of Sale you can even manage payroll.

Restaurant Back Office Accounting

Accounting & Bookkeeping

CAKE’s partnership with Shogo allows you to integrate the POS System with Quickbooks or Xero to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs.


Real-Time Reports

Get real-time data for what is happening in your restaurant that day. Easily discover what products sold the most, a sales summary, along with useful graphs and data to easily take action.

Sales Report

Run multiple sales reports broken down from items to categories to employees and many more with multiple filter options, so you can understand what is selling for that day or whenever the data was collected.


See up to 120 days of listed transactional data. You have the option to filter based on sales, close cash, refunds, voids, comps, etc. Want data from beyond 120 days, not to worry we will email it to you. You can choose how the transactions show up based on order open time or order close time.

Taxes & Audits

Varying from state to state, we have you covered. Non-exempt, no problem. Pull details on tax amounts. Get information about what has been transferred along with a timesheet audit. Armed with this knowledge, you can follow the trail to fraudulent activities or theft.


Get an in-depth labor cost report along with knowing tips & cash of your staff. You can export a report with your employees’ timesheet details, so while you do payroll you can see the clock-in and clock-out time saving you time. 


Get itemized details of your credit card transactions, deposits and fees. You can easily get credit card transaction data, and filter out what you are being charged, so you can budget any fees.

Sales vs Labor

Get a real-time report on your labor cost / net sales percentage, then you can easily switch over to who is working today and make the necessary changes.


Grow Your Business

Product Overview

Streamline your restaurant with a simple, intuitive, and cost friendly POS.


Simplified Operations

CAKE makes it easy with features built to simplify your restaurant.



Take orders and send them directly to the kitchen on our iPad based OrderPad.


Guest Management

Works natively with CAKE Guest Manager to manage your wait and reservations.



Start Growing Your Business

Our team of restaurant specialists can help simplify your operations and get you set up with the right solutions to meet your restaurant’s needs.