Refer a Friend to CAKE – Program Terms

Last Updated: May 8, 2019

Cake’s Refer a Friend Program pays you a Referral Award for recommending customers for Cake POS or Guest Manager services ($700 for POS and $100 for GM). This is how it works:

  • The Refer a Friend Cake Program is open to any sentient being (other than CAKE or Sysco employees) that is capable of accessing and filling out the Lead Form at and at least 18 years old.
  • If the referred friend registers for and uses a paid Cake point-of-sale or Guest Manager services account in a live restaurant environment for a period of 2 continuous months (the “Qualifying Period”), the Referral Award will be paid to the referrer in the month that follows the completion of the Qualifying Period.  Payment shall be sent via U.S. Mail to the contact address provided by the referrer.
  • To qualify, the referred friend must (a) sign up and go live within 3 months of receipt by Cake of the Lead Form information and (b) not have initiated the registration process with Cake prior to and independent of the introduction via the Lead Form. In the event more than one person introduces the same friend to Cake then the Referral Reward will be payable to the person who submitted the Lead Form first-in-time.
  • If you refer a business which you own or are employed at the Referral Reward takes the form of a $700 (in the case of POS) or $100 (in the case of GM) discount on Cake’s prevailing Activation Fee for the applicable service.
  • A referrer who qualifies for a Referral Award must provide Cake with a W9 Form by emailing it to Delays in payment as a result of failure to submit a W9 are not the responsibility of Cake or its employees. You are responsible for any and all tax reporting and tax liability related to any Cake payments made.
  • Cake reserves the right to investigate any suspicious or inappropriate activity relating to the Program. Referral Awards are subject to voiding or recovery if fraud is suspected.
  • Cake reserves the right to terminate and/or modify the Program and the right of a person to participate in the Program at any time with no notice except as required by law.
  • Any personal data that you transmit through this website or the Lead Form will be governed by Cake’s Privacy Policy (available at, which is hereby incorporated into these Program Terms by reference.