Retire Your Register

Earn $500


Retire Your Register

Earn $500

CAKE, a Sysco company, would like to help you make more revenue by retiring your register. Trade in your restaurant cash register and receive $500 towards a new CAKE Point of Sale.

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Top 9 Reasons to Retire Your Register

Simplify Labor

Calculating and managing labor costs is the #1 time-consuming activity for restaurants. Take back your time with automatic tracking and in-depth labor reporting on CAKE Point of Sale.

Prevent Theft & Waste

Track who gave discounts, who was in the cash drawer, track inventory and top sellers. All of this increases margins to give you an immediate return on investment.

View Reports From Home

Access detailed sales reports from the comfort of your couch. Make menu and pricing changes from anywhere in the world.

Enhance Security

PCI-DSS compliant, integrated credit card processing simplifies your payments. Restrict access to certain functions based on user roles.

Prepare For Tomorrow

Growing is as easy as adding a second POS terminal or iPad based OrderPad. Enhance functionality when you connect CAKE Guest Manager or turn on included Online Ordering.

Increase Order Accuracy

No more sloppy handwritten tickets. Cut down on costly errors that frustrate the kitchen, wait staff, and your customers.

Cut Lines in Half

Streamline the ordering process to increase table turnover. Seat more guests, and reduce wait times – at the door, and at the table.

Build Customer Relationships

Implement integrated rewards programs that keep customers coming back.

Improve Inventory

Track each item sold for a better understanding of inventory. More data means smarter purchasing decisions, tastier dishes, and happier guests.

Learn more about why restaurant cash registers are going out of style by downloading the whitepaper.