Whether you’re a full service or a quick service restaurant, food waste can be a costly issue to contend with. Besides the ethical and environmental reasons for wanting to control the amount of food your restaurant wastes, it’s also a major factor that affects your bottom line.

According to recent report by Restaurant Hospitality, the restaurant industry alone is responsible for more than 11 million tons of wasted food per year. That totals approximately $25 billion in costs associated with food waste.

For every dollar a restaurant invests in reducing its food waste, it realizes, on average, an eight-dollar savings in overall costs. And one of the top recommended solutions to tackle food waste is the implementation of restaurant inventory management software.

Until recently, this type of software solution would have required a sizable upfront investment. But now, with CAKE from Sysco, you can take advantage of a fully integrated restaurant inventory management system that’s designed specifically for restaurants and has all the convenience and scalability of cloud integration.

CAKE’s Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Isn’t it time to ditch all of the inaccuracies and inefficiencies associated with doing inventories with paper, pen, and spreadsheets? If you suspected there was a better way of doing things, you’re absolutely right. With CAKE, keeping track of inventory and controlling food costs has never been easier—or faster.

CAKE enables the quick entry and tracking of each item in your inventory that’s subsequently synced to the various recipes on your menu, which are synced to the point of sale. So every time an order is placed, the system updates itself automatically to reflect how many items are still in stock. It’s smart, it’s simple, and it allows your staff to make much better use of their time instead of having to perform manual inventory counts every day.

In addition, the software automatically syncs with the tablets used by your servers, which enables them to see if any menu items are no longer available due to a shortage of ingredients. This efficient and hassle-free solution makes your servers’ jobs easier while at the same time providing a more streamlined experience for your guests. And that, in turn, enables you to turn tables faster while delivering the outstanding customer experience your guests are looking for.

Features of CAKE’s Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Along with helping to reduce food waste, drive down costs and streamline your kitchen, our restaurant inventory management software offers one of the widest selections of features of any inventory solution on the market today. Check out the following controls and processes that you can do faster and more accurately with CAKE:

Restaurant Inventory Management Software
  • Automatic updating: In addition to lower food costs, you can save on labor costs when you say goodbye to time and tasks associated with manual inventory checks. Now, once your inventory items are entered into the database, they’re automatically tracked and updated—right down to the individual ingredients per portion served. Plus, automatic alerts let you know when a particular item is running low.
  • Portion control: Our inventory software gives you the added power to upload and create recipes with nutritional and portion information. Then, as items on your menu are prepared in the kitchen and served to your customers, you can make real-time adjustments to your menu as you monitor your remaining inventory levels.
  • Order forecasting: Maybe you were too busy dealing with a large dinner party to notice the run on salmon steaks you had earlier in the evening. With CAKE, this isn’t a problem. Every ingredient in your kitchen is tracked, so you’re automatically alerted when inventory is low, when orders need to be placed, and when menus need to be adjusted.
  • Vendor management: Streamline your vendor management by integrating your inventory levels with your ordering processes. Ensure the right orders for the correct amounts are always placed on time. With a new level of vendor management, you can free up your time and pay closer attention to what matters most—your customers’ overall experience.
  • Multiple locations: For restaurants with more than one location and/or a central kitchen serving more than one food outlet, our inventory management system is here to make your life much easier. With the option to track items per location, you can quickly see which items are selling the fastest at a particular branch. This kind of inventory visibility lets you make better decisions—from menu selections to location improvements.
CAKE Restaurant Inventory Management
  • Reporting and analytics: Real-time information is always at your fingertips with CAKE. With the ability to run inventory and pricing reports whenever you need them, you’ll be given the support and data analysis necessary to make more cost-effective choices throughout your entire supply chain.
  • Mobile access: On-the-go mobile access to CAKE means you’re always able to see what’s important to your business—even when you’re away from the restaurant. Stop replicating work for yourself and others by having mobile access to your inventory from whichever device you choose to use.

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Learning a new software system can sound like a daunting task, but with CAKE, we make sure our solutions are as easy to implement as they are to use every day. What’s more: Our software solutions come with 24/7 phone and email support. That way, you always have access to the help you need to make the most of your restaurant’s data.

With a low cost of entry, our software solution can help reduce food waste, drive down costs, and support better decision-making across your whole establishment. Ready for your free demo of the best restaurant inventory management software available today?

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