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Your restaurant’s menu communicates your offerings to customers and allows your staff members to work as a unified team. Menus change more than many customers realize, however, and your employees need to be on the same page when it comes to your current menu items. Running an efficient and profitable restaurant requires frequent, thoughtful menu adjustments.

Traditional menu management is a time-consuming process. As a result, many restaurant operators rarely make official adjustments, perhaps once or twice per year. New menu management software, on the other hand, makes it easy and worthwhile to adjust your menu and prices often.

Learn more below about the benefits of restaurant menu management software, and discover how you can use CAKE’s software to improve day-to-day operations and increase profits.

Improve Your Business with Menu Management Software

Menu management software, sometimes called menu planning software, is any computer program that allows you to control your restaurant’s menu and prices electronically. Many different types of menu planning programs exist, including cloud-based systems and software built into Point of Sale (POS) systems. The software you choose will depend on your restaurant’s unique needs, but the best menu planning software systems will allow you to make informed menu and pricing changes at any time.

Investing in quality restaurant menu management software is a good way to improve operational efficiency and increase profits. Menu management software could benefit your restaurant by:

  • Keeping staff informed: Updating your official menu frequently helps ensure all staff members are informed about your current offerings.
  • Pricing items appropriately: Menu planning software allows you to adjust prices easily, so you can respond to fluctuating costs and maintain a steady profit margin.
  • Making customers happy: Your restaurant’s great food makes customers happy. Ensure they stay happy by updating the menu often for accuracy and variety.

Most menu planning software has the capacity to benefit your restaurant, but the software you choose will ultimately determine how much value you get from your investment. CAKE’s menu management software is designed to maximize benefits for your business.

Manage Your Menu from Anywhere

CAKE offers a robust and easy-to-use menu management software you can use to make administrative adjustments from almost anywhere. Our menu management software comes built into our POS systems to provide the most convenient experience.

Change your menu and prices easily in the restaurant from your POS system, or adjust your menu from anywhere by accessing your data in the cloud. You can use your menu software whether you’re at home, away from the counter, or all the way across the world. CAKE’s software is highly adaptable, so you can use it to tackle menu and pricing challenges as they arise.

Work Quickly Thanks to a Simple Interface

One of the biggest benefits of CAKE’s menu management software is its simple, user-friendly interface. The Quick Menu Edits function will allow you to edit and hide menu items, add categories, and add items in a matter of seconds, all from the same screen your employees use to take orders. It’s easy to find the function you’re looking for and equally easy to undo a mistake if one occurs.

CAKE’s simple user interface also makes it possible for employees to respond to changes quickly—whether those are changes in price, or availability. Most employees can learn to use the menu planner with minimal training, so any staff member who notices a menu problem can address it.

An easy-to-use POS system like this one can reduce the amount of time and money you’ll need to spend training employees on the system.

Keep Staff Organized and Customers Coming Back

Coordinated restaurant staff works efficiently and keeps customers satisfied. CAKE’s menu management software can help you keep your staff on the same page when it comes to your menu offerings.

CAKE’s menu software can track stock in real time as orders come in, alerting front of house (FOH) staff when certain dishes are no longer available—sometimes even before the back of house (BOH) staff realizes they’ve run out. The ability to remove menu items on the fly helps ensure no hungry customer is promised a meal your team can’t deliver, and it gives wait staff the opportunity to provide proactive customer service.

Our software also makes it easier to add new menu items to engage returning customers. Provide variety and excitement for customers and staff by occasionally adding new dishes, such as seasonal offerings or one-time specials, without the hassle of traditional menu changes.

Use Data to Make Smarter Menu Decisions

CAKE’s restaurant menu management software is just one part of a powerful system. CAKE’s POS uses cloud technology to store and report on many different data points, and you can use this data to make smarter menu decisions. For example, you might analyze sales numbers to optimize your menu offerings and tailor your prices to increase profitability.

Here are a few other ways you can use CAKE’s data collection capabilities to improve your menu and increase profits:

  • Track stock in real time to monitor menu item availability
  • Adjust prices to correspond with patterns in traffic
  • Keep track of ingredients to better assist customers with dietary restrictions
CAKE Restaurant POS Software Reporting

Start Managing Your Restaurant’s Menu With CAKE

Menu management software makes it easier to adjust your menu, keep your front-of-house FOH and back-of-house BOH staff working in alignment, and provide your guests with excellent service. CAKE’s menu management software integrates seamlessly with our all-in-one POS systems and other digital solutions for the restaurant industry, so you can optimize your menu as well as other aspects of your operations. We know that making the switch to POS can be a large undertaking for busy restaurant management so Cake offers a premium service that would assist you in getting your menu updated in your new POS. You can read more about that additional service here!

CAKE’s software provides the ideal menu management tool for quick and full-service restaurants looking to improve workflow efficiency, customer experience, and overall profitability. You can use CAKE to tackle menu challenges as they arise, whether you have a large menu with lots of rotating options or a small selection of popular items. Contact us to request a demo and see how CAKE could help you grow and improve your business.