Restaurant Customer Loyalty Program

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors and use these insights to create marketing campaigns and drive additional business.

restaurant loyalty program for pos


Enroll via the Customer Facing Display

When a customer approaches the register, the customer-facing display will allow them to quickly register or login using their mobile number. 

Quick Enrollment
If the customer enrollment is new, a text message is sent to their phone with a welcome message and mobile app download link

Loyalty Rewards Before Enrolled
Even if a customer has not completed registration, they will receive loyalty points for the transaction in which they enrolled


Multiple Ways to Check Customers In

If a customer cannot check themselves in or prefers to check-in an alternative, there are several ways your employees can assist the them in the Loyalty Overview page of your CAKE POS

Check in via phone number
Quickly enter a phone number associated with the customer’s existing loyalty account

Check in through the mobile app
Using a barcode scanner, scan the customer’s check-in code in the mobile app

Restaurant POS loyalty program barcode scanner
CAKE POS Loyalty Program


Know Exactly What Can Be Redeemed

Once a customer has scanned their mobile app or entered their mobile number, employees are given a list of all rewards currently available to the customer.

  • Employees can quickly choose the associated loyalty reward from the pay screen, once applied, the customer’s total is updated automatically.


Connect Your Restaurant With the CAKE POS System


Online Ordering

Connect to consumers who expect to reach you online.

24/7 Support

Get the help you need, when you need it.

Cloud Based

All information is securely stored in the cloud.

Menu Admin

Adjust your menu and prices from anywhere.


Bring the POS with you with our tablet-based OrderPad.



View your reports from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Apps

Powerful 3rd party integrations to help run your business.


Offline Mode

Take orders and payments even if your internet is down.


Start Growing Your Business

Our team of restaurant specialists can help simplify your operations and get you set up with the right solutions to meet your restaurant’s needs.