You Deliver. So Do We.

No hidden fees – ever.

At CAKE, your profits come first. We charge only 5% per order, with no hidden fees or processing charges. Get paid every business day.*

*CAKE will deposit your payments into your bank account every business day, and you will receive your payouts in 36 hours as long as you accrued a minimum amount of $50.00.


Take Orders from Anywhere

Receive and confirm online orders via app, fax, or CAKE Point of Sale (coming soon).

CAKE Connect is always accessible, no matter where you are. Sign up to receive alerts on your phone or by fax.


Designer Discounts

Online deals encourage more guests to order, no matter where they are.

Create discount codes for new and returning customers. Guests can apply them to online orders via CAKE Connect.


Market Your Menu

Make changes to your profile, and watch your menu update across sites – including CAKE Connect, your website, and your Facebook page.

Menus and Promo Printing

Modify your menu in real time. Design tools translate your culinary creations into print-ready menus to entice guests online and in person.

Become a Fan of Loyalty Programs

Customize your strategy to keep guests coming back for more. Use CAKE Connect to design and print materials to promote your business. It’s free!


Let Them Meet CAKE

CAKE Connect is always free for users. Sign up and claim your restaurant to get started.