MODERN RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT – Valentine’s Day was the other day and couples around the country spent a romantic night out at their favorite restaurants. It’s no surprise—restaurants benefit greatly from Cupid’s holiday, seeing and uptick of 67 percent revenue compared to an average day.

How can restaurants be sure they are maximizing their potential for profit on this busy day? CAKE found that adopting integrated technology can help restaurants streamline their operations on busy holidays, like Valentine’s day, and make the most of their potential revenue.

CAKE took a look at how Valentine’s Day impacts the restaurant business and found:

  • Quick service restaurants don’t fare as well as full service restaurants, seeing an average drop in number of transactions of 17 percent on Valentine’s Day compared to a 67 percent increase for FSRs.
  • For FSRs, technology can help them make the most of the busy holiday
  • Full service restaurants with two or more OrderPads installed saw a 74 percent increase in average transactions compared to just 19 percent for all FSR, and a similar difference in average revenue change (92 percent for FSRs with 2+ OrderPads compared to only 67 percent for all FSRs)
  • Full service restaurants with Guest Manager installed saw similar benefits: a 39 percent rise in transactions over an average day compared to a 19 percent lift for all FSR, and a 82 percent revenue lift compared to 67.05 percent for all FSRs.
  • For QSRs, technology adoption can help them weather the drop on Valentine’s Day
  • QSRs overall saw 17 percent less transactions on Valentine’s Day than an average day in February, but QSRs with two or more OrderPads saw 67.03 percent more transactions on Valentine’s day than their average day. QSRs with Guest Manager installed also saw an increase instead of a decrease, with an average jump of 20 percent in transactions on Valentine’s Day.