Meet CAKE. Based in Silicon Valley, CAKE is a Sysco company formed through the combination and synergy of three technology start-ups that solved for various challenges in the restaurant industry. CAKE brings the expertise and stability of Sysco, the largest restaurant solutions vendor in the country, and the innovative creativity of Silicon Valley together to offer a comprehensive, restaurant-focused technology platform different from anything else available on the market today.

“Sysco recognized a void in the restaurant business,” said Bill Goetz, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer at Sysco. “Where other industries have implemented integrated technology solutions to solve business challenges, the restaurant industry is still plagued by standalone solutions and technology options not tailored to the unique needs of restaurants.”

CAKE seamlessly integrates front and back of house restaurant operations, allowing restaurant owners and operators to achieve unparalleled visibility into their operations, connecting everything from point of sale to guest management. Unlike the standalone solutions that exist in today’s marketplace, CAKE’s combination of proprietary hardware and restaurant-specific software offers a simple, easy-to-use platform that solves for challenges in the restaurant business, ultimately leading to increased efficiencies and cost savings. In short, CAKE makes it easy.


Connecting the Dots

Rather than siloing POS, table and waitlist management, menu pricing, guest preference tracking, reservation systems, inventory and payroll, CAKE connects the essential aspects of POS and guest management. Set up is simple, training is easy, and CAKE offers exemplary customer service, available 24/7. CAKE’s system is robust enough to handle the needs of larger restaurants, while remaining cost-friendly for small, independent restaurant businesses.

“Our mission at CAKE has always been to alleviate the pain experienced by restaurant operators,” says Mani Kulasooriya, CEO of CAKE. “By focusing on technology built specifically for restaurants and made by people who are fervent about restaurants, CAKE allows owners to concentrate on the passion that brought them to the industry in the first place.”


Real-Life Success

CAKE has a proven track record of solving the challenges restaurant owners face. Real-life customers have praised CAKE for business improvements including:

  • The owner of a 21-year-old restaurant in Carmel, California relies on CAKE to enable better flow of traffic and reduce the amount of staff needed to run the door. The restaurant is able to run at capacity, rather than a cycle of “slammed followed by half-empty.” He estimates CAKE saves $200 per day in labor costs.
  • The owner of a South Carolina restaurant combined the CAKE reservation and waitlist system with the CAKE POS, resulting in a six percent increase in table turns. This alone made an impact in overall revenue of between $15 and $20K per year.
  • The founder of a coffee shop in Los Gatos, California faces tight competition and high expectations in her Silicon Valley location. CAKE has given her insights that she can see via computer or mobile – even when she’s on vacation. She’s been able to refine staffing, orders and even discover her busiest hour isn’t when she thought it was. She credits CAKE’s insights for a sales increase of 10 percent.