Partnership enables seamless integration, connecting everything from point of sale to guest management

New York (Dec. 02, 2019)ItsaCheckmate, the leading platform that integrates multiple online ordering services into point-of-sale (POS) systems, today announced its official partnership with CAKE from Sysco. Redefining customer service with the addition of CAKE’s proprietary hardware and restaurant-specific software, ItsaCheckmate will seamlessly integrate orders from over 50 different online ordering and delivery platforms, automatically sending orders to your POS and kitchen printer. There will be no need to manually enter orders coming in from various sources like DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and many others.

“We are pleased to partner with CAKE to solve the challenges faced by restaurants in managing their delivery operations,” says ItsaCheckmate Chief Executive Officer Vishal Agarwal. ‘’The proportion of delivery as it relates to their overall business is continually growing. Our partnership will help the restaurant operators streamline their delivery operations by not having to manually enter the orders from various sources to their CAKE POS. It will help them increase their revenue without increasing their costs.”

CAKE from Sysco built its cloud-based POS to meet the demands of Quick and Full Service restaurants. It is simple, intuitive, and cost-friendly. Easily handle Quick Service rush hours with line-busting OrderPads that control the flow of traffic and a customer-facing display for guests to privately pay, tip, and sign from their own screen. Supercharge your Full-Service POS with rich guest profiles and automatic table status updates with our Guest Manager application. CAKE POS makes it easy for restaurants to get more done every day.

“Our mission at CAKE has always been to alleviate the pain experienced by restaurant operators,” says Brandan Rabdau, VP of Sales and Marketing at CAKE. “By focusing on technology built specifically for restaurants and made by people who are fervent about restaurants, CAKE allows owners to concentrate on the passion that brought them to the industry in the first place. By partnering with ItsaCheckmate, we aim to enhance the experience we as a company and system provide to our clients.”

ItsaCheckmate offers restaurants across the nation a platform that cuts through digital clutter by funneling orders from dozens of online ordering sources—UberEats, GrubHub, Caviar, DoorDash,, Ritual, and beyond. Working with more than 2,500 establishments nationwide, ItsaCheckmate is giving restaurant operators more control with a platform that helps eliminate errors, saves time, and reduces additional costs associated with delivery while improving processes, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting revenue.

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ItsaCheckmate integrates multiple online ordering sources such as UberEats, Caviar, DoorDash,, Ritual, and many others directly to restaurant POS systems at a flat monthly pricing. For more information, visit:

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