Modern restaurant technology is changing the way consumers find, order, and eat their meals. The technological tools of the trade offer restaurants more ways to provide personalized service to customers, while also saving time and money by increasing operational efficiency.

Of all the hard workers you’ve seen in restaurants, the iPad might be clocking the most hours in the tech-savvy restaurants near you. From waitlist management to payment processing, learn how iPads are serving restaurants so they can better serve guests.

1. Managing Waitlists

Does your restaurant still use a pen & paper or a pager system to take reservations? If so, you’re using more time and effort than is needed to manag e your guests. Your staff has to bounce between the phones and in-store customers, and your business is running inefficiently.

The busier you get, the more complicated manual reservation management becomes, and the more confusion it creates for staff and guests alike. If guests have to wait too long for their table, they’re likely to walk away and take their business elsewhere.

iPads give hosts the power to manage waitlists by using Guest Management software that keeps tables turning faster. By using one interface to manage your reservations and waitlist, your staff will be able to work more efficiently. Armed with the power of an iPad, hosts get automatic table status updates. Thanks to this technology, they can offer every guest faster and more accurate service.

2. Tableside Ordering & Payments

An iPad can often connect to your restaurant’s Point of Sale system, letting you take the power of technology to any table in the restaurant. Restaurant workers aren’t very stationary, so why should their most valuable tool be stuck in one location?

When your restaurant gets busy, the dining experience can often bottleneck around ordering and processing payments. An iPad brings tableside ordering to your restaurant. iPad orders are sent directly to the kitchen, and this speeds up service while reducing the congestion of servers running back and forth to send tickets. When guests are ready to pay, servers can easily process more payment types instantly – so guests get their greets, seats, and eats faster.

iPad payments are fast and secure, quicker than waiting for a server to return from a crowded Point of Sale terminal. Guests also enjoy the interface and the novel experience of signing with a swipe of their finger. And your staff will love the ease of referencing all of their transactions from one helpful screen.

3. Supercharge your POS

iPad Point of Sale systems offer restaurants tremendous value, allowing them to add as many POS units as needed for a fraction of the cost. iPads are portable, durable, and easily replaceable if needed.

Connecting iPad POS systems with a digital waitlist takes your service to the next level. New and veteran servers alike have instant access to guest order history, allergy information, and special occasions – so VIP service is given to every guest, every time.

iPads are changing the way restaurants manage waitlists, order food, and process payments. By giving restaurants more tools that empower their employees and reduce overhead costs, they are able to deliver better dining experiences that save guests and restaurants time and money.

Warner Siebert is the SVP of Sales & Marketing for CAKE, a fully-integrated restaurant platform by Sysco. Hailing from New York City by way of Baltimore, Warner began helping restaurants when he founded BuzzTable in 2011, which was acquired by Sysco in 2013 and rebranded as CAKE Guest Manager. A coffee aficionado, Warner spends time hiking with his dog and enjoying all that Silicon Valley has to offer.