Technology is changing the way we eat. Guests rely on review sites more than ever, and associate dine-in tech options with increased convenience.

CAKE CEO Mani Kulasooriya tells us that “the newest technologies today are addressing the issue of affordability. The model is shifting towards low upfront costs and low monthly subscription fees, eliminating one of the largest hurdles to upgrading restaurant tech.

Some companies are even offering leasing options to independent operators to cover the upfront costs if their cash flow doesn’t allow for outright purchasing of new equipment.

More and more, independent restaurants are able to compete with larger chains by implementing technology that used to be out of reach. Here are a few ways that customizable, affordable tech options empower independent restaurants to serve guests who expect the best:


Track Table Turns

Live floor plans, streaming directly to a server’s tablet, keep your staff focused on guests at all times. Integrate front and back of house to keep hosts in the know, so they can provide accurate wait times to hungry customers. Being busy has never been so easy.


Save the Data

Small businesses rely on personal relationships – and in the age of online reviews, word of mouth advertising is more important than ever. Try personalizing each guest’s experience by saving information for future use. Offering guests a free coffee on their birthday, or seating them at a special table for an anniversary shows you value their business and their presence in your restaurant.


Reports from Anywhere

Chains can afford to be open all the time, with several managers and general managers to share responsibility. Small business owners can’t be present for every emergency – whether you’re spending time with your family, or out on a meeting with a new vendor, there will be hours of the day when you’re elsewhere. Cloud-based reports keep you updated in real time, so you can stay in touch no matter where life takes you.

As Kulasooriya says, “We’re at the very beginning of a major shift in the restaurant industry, one that will level the playing field for operators of all sizes. Independent restaurant owners need to stop buying from the first salesman that comes through the door and start thinking about how their POS and guest management technology can work together and, can work for them.”