As January gets into full swing, your guests are still clinging to their New Year’s resolutions. It’s no surprise that the most popular resolutions have to do with health – eating better, losing weight, and exercising more often are all common goals. And (unless you’re located in a gym), your restaurant can help guests achieve one of these quite effectively with the predicted food trends.

Fortunately, the biggest food trends of the coming year are also focused on customer health. Take a closer look at these popular ingredients, and consider how you can use them to improve guest loyalty this month and all year long.


1. In a Pickle

Shelf-stable probiotics are the most-predicted trend of 2019. These items can include a wide variety of ingredients – even granola can now contain these healthy bacteria. The classics, of course, are pickled vegetables, such as gherkins or kimchi. You can also find probiotics in some dairy ingredients, including yogurt, kefir, and even sour cream. If you incorporate these healthy ingredients into any of your menu items, make sure to include a note letting diners know what they’re about to eat.


2. Fat Chance

As consumers steer away from sugar and carbs, they still need to eat a healthy number of calories. More and more, they’re turning towards fatty foods. Once considered dangerous and – you guessed it – fattening, many meals with high-fat content are now seen as important for a balanced diet. Coconut anything, MCT oil, and even butter are being added to more and more dishes both at home and in restaurants. Have you heard of butter coffee? Try it. Trust me.


3. An Important Meating

“Motherless meat” is a poetic way to describe a vegan protein, such as the famous Impossible Burger. These ingredients have become popular not just with vegetarians, but with diners of all diets. One reason for this is the novelty. Who doesn’t want to bite into a vegan burger that still bleeds juice? Another is the lower price, which ties into the sustainability of motherless meat as a practice. Restaurants can appeal not only to healthy diners, but also to those who care about ecological sustainability. Best of all, business operators can accomplish all of this while decreasing overhead, and gaining a valuable marketing tool.


What do all three of these growing trends have in common? First of all, they’re healthy, but in a brand new way. Fifteen years ago, no one would have guessed that fatty oil would become a health food. Second – and perhaps more importantly – every one of them is cost-effective for restaurants. As you update your menu for the new year, make sure you’re also updating your financial goals. How will these exciting food trends help your business succeed in the long term?