A rehearsal dinner gives the wedding party a chance to enjoy an evening together before the wedding. The ideal wedding rehearsal dinner keeps stress levels low for attendees, which is why these events usually take place at couples’ favorite restaurant.

Wedding rehearsal dinners and other events, though sometimes require intensive planning, allow restaurants to win the future business of first-time guests and grow a secondary source of revenue — it’s worth considering this option for your business, especially if you have space available for larger parties and a team to coordinate the restaurant event planning.


Tips for Restaurants Hosting Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Hosting a rehearsal dinner is a huge honor for your restaurant, but it requires event planning and a lot of organization to get it right. The good news is that hosting a successful wedding rehearsal dinner can set you up for event success and more reliable revenue streams moving forward. Here are several tips you can use to ensure a wedding rehearsal dinner at your restaurant runs smoothly:

  • Create a practical seating arrangement: A typical rehearsal dinner accommodates all the members of the wedding party and sometimes other guests. Make sure you have adequate seating available — attendees should have enough space to feel comfortable but not so much space that it’s difficult to carry a conversation. The table management feature of CAKE’s Guest Manager can help you create a unique floor plan for the event and allows you to mark off tables reserved by the wedding party to keep your front of house staff coordinated.
  • Keep the party as private as possible: You can host a wedding rehearsal dinner whether you have a private dining room or not, but it’s a good idea to keep the event as private as possible. Doing so might mean reserving the restaurant for the night and hosting the dinner in a closed room. If the couple doesn’t want to book the entire restaurant for the night, you can seat guests in a quieter part of the restaurant.
  • Prepare a special drink or menu: Creating a special menu for the rehearsal dinner can make guests feel valued. Plus, a fixed menu can help your kitchen staff manage the high volume of customers. Discuss food options with the couple, since they likely chose your restaurant for a reason. You can also make the evening memorable by serving a unique drink, such as a signature cocktail inspired by the wedding theme. CAKE’s cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system makes it easy to add or adjust menu items from anywhere. So when the day of the wedding rehearsal arrives, your staff and POS system are equipped to place in any order.
  • Schedule plenty of help for the evening: Ensure that all your guests receive excellent service by scheduling plenty of staff members to work during the rehearsal dinner. This step will keep the service at a reasonable pace without placing too much pressure on any one person, leaving your customers with a positive impression.


Run Your Restaurant More Efficiently With CAKE

Hosting events like wedding rehearsal dinners can increase revenue and connect you with your most loyal customers. CAKE’s POS, Guest Manager, and other solutions can help you run successful events while improving the overall efficiency of your restaurant. Streamline operations, take online reservations, receive direct customer feedback, and make improvements using valuable data. Learn how CAKE’s systems could help make your business more profitable.