Summer is in full swing, and your guests are getting thirsty. Whether you’re opening up the patio, catering a summer wedding, or popping up a seasonal seaside location, be prepared to offer everyone the refreshment they need to beat the heat.

Different diner demographics will seek out different beverages – so it’s up to you to know what your customers crave. Read on to quench your thirst for knowledge about their tastes!


Beer Today, Beer Tomorrow

To quote Lucy Shaw, Managing Editor of The Drinks Business, “If there’s one theme that’s influenced the alcohol sector over the past few years, it’s craft.” And that’s just one of the many reasons that the popularity of beer (especially craft beer) surges during the warmer months. Experts also suggest that IPAs are especially popular, especially among men.This cool, summery beverage can be casual or artisanal, depending on which beers you choose to serve – making it a great way to entice a wide cross-section of clientele. Younger diners looking for a deal may order the PBR they know and love, while your die-hard beer enthusiasts will look for something seasonal from a local brewery.


Wine Not?

46% of women named wine as their top choice of beverage. Even within that category, make sure you stock wine of many varieties, to appeal to drinkers and diners of all demographics. In the US, 38% of wine lovers favor red, 32% prefer white wine, 19% would choose blush wines, and just 10% seek out champagne.

The fastest-growing wine trends, not surprisingly, are red blends and rosé. This might be due to the “brosé” phenomenon, in which men are coming to understand the delights of drinking blush wine. What’s even cooler than that is the frosé trend that has guests craving high-end, slushy summer drinks.

It’s clearly not just about the best quality wine (although that can go a long way) – it’s about presentation. Stocking a variety of wine options doesn’t just appeal to many different clients; it reminds your loyal fans that you’ll always be there for them, even as their tastes grow and change.


That’s the Spirit!

The fastest-growing liquor categories in the U.S. today include whiskey and tequila. Whiskey has been increasingly popular for a while, but Millennial drinkers are just now learning that tequila comes in many forms and flavors…and that it’s not the only agave-based liquor on the market. Try offering Mezcal cocktails, for example, to give your guests a different perspective on this classic ingredient.

Guests are getting excited about a wider variety of ingredients – including kombucha, tea, and craft coffee cocktails. Give your bartenders room to experiment, and support your customer’s thirst for adventure.

Whatever you serve this summer, remember it’s a time for celebration, growth, and fun in the sun. Encourage your loyal fans to bring their friends to special events, or offer rewards programs for regular customers. If you can find the time, you might even spend a night drinking at your own bar, to get to know your regulars better than ever – and celebrate the hard work you do all year round. Cheers!