It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays fast approaching, your guests are starting to plan large group outings throughout November and December. Whether they’re shopping for holiday gifts or eating out with visiting family, this season is an exciting opportunity for restaurants to capture new business. Here are 3 easy ways to celebrate the holidays with your guests:


1. Give Thanks

November is a perfect time to show your guests what you’re thankful for. Although most of your customers are probably eating at home on Thanksgiving day, you can spend the rest of the month offering them special holiday deals. Consider serving up seasonal specials that fit with the theme of this month’s major holiday. For example, consider cranberry cocktails or roasted turkey club sandwiches. No matter what cuisine you serve, there’s a way to recognize these traditional flavors. Make sure you track your seasonal offerings to see which ones are the most profitable and the most popular, so you can make informed decisions this time next year.


2. Deck the Halls

It’s no secret that Instagram is a valuable marketing tool for restaurants. Invite your guests to celebrate both online and in-house by decorating for the holiday season. You may want to put up a Christmas tree, or stick with nondenominational decorations like snowflakes and fairy lights. If you run a bar that hosts performers, you might even book a few bands to play holiday-themed music.

This is an exciting opportunity to capitalize on your brand identity and get into the spirit. For example, if you run a coffee shop, drawing a snowman on the tip jar might encourage guests to share the love with your baristas. On the other hand, if you’re decorating a full service restaurant, you may want to invest in mood lighting. Be sure to choose decorations that fit with the overall aesthetic of your restaurant. That way, you’ll keep guests engaged with the experience you offer year-round.

3. Ring in the New

The holiday season is an especially lucrative time for restaurants to host special events. Consider hosting a holiday party for a nearby business, or even throwing your own New Year’s Eve soiree. These kinds of events represent opportunities for you to connect with new guests while building on existing customer loyalty. By cementing your restaurant as the location of a happy memory, you’ll encourage diners to come in again in the future, renewing their commitment to each other and to your restaurant.

What are you celebrating this year? It’s been a year growth for the restaurant industry, and many of us have quite a lot to be thankful for. Include your guests in your own celebrations to ensure that next year will be even better than 2018 has been so far.