Did you know that 95% of restaurant owners saw an increase in business efficiency after integrating technology? Restaurants are beginning to open again and technology is going to play a major factor in returning to normal business practices.

Many restaurants are struggling to fulfill their customers’ needs because of a lack of technology. The restaurant industry has pivoted to online ordering, no-contact delivery, and curbside pickups. But, without technology, how are you able to keep a business thriving?

The latest advancements in technology can offer you seamless integration across your restaurant. At a time where we are so apart, technology can bring us together. 

So, we’ve created a restaurant technology audit with ten questions to answer. Use these to see how they fare for your restaurant and where you can make some improvements.

Here are the ten questions for you to answer:

1. Can your restaurant accept and manage online orders? 

First and foremost, do you have a website created for your restaurant? According to a recent Deloitte report, a survey showed 70% of people look online to plan their next meal. Within that survey, 82% of Millennials do the same.

The way that people are able to discover your restaurant goes beyond a website. To accept and manage online orders, you need to be visible online.

Once you have a website, you can grow your online presence by adding online ordering to it. This feature gives your guests more ways to order and can help maximize your profits.

Now is the time to get set up with an online ordering solution. Our partnership with Checkmate allows you to easily manage online orders. We cut third-party delivery fees to save your restaurant money.

2. Does your restaurant have iPad and mobile functionality?

Would you like to increase your efficiency and turn tables faster? You can do this by having an ordering system with mobile functionality. In addition, 68% of customers perceive that the use of a server’s iPad improves their restaurant experience. 

By embracing mobility, servers are able to take orders table-side and fire to the kitchen. This allows you to serve more guests and help handle peak rushes.

CAKE’s OrderPad allows you to elevate efficiency in your restaurant. It unifies with CAKE’s point of sale system and uses the same interface. Don’t miss out on the opportunity that the iPad’s mobile functionality has to offer. Get more guests in the door, but even better, be able to help them outside.

This will also help your staff maintain social distancing. Serve your guests from 6 feet apart and take orders outside to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Does your restaurant have a curbside management solution? 

To continue operations, restaurants have shifted to curbside pickup. With a curbside system, such as Guest Manager, you can track orders and talk with your guests. A curbside management tool is essential right now.

You need to be able to communicate with your customers to let them know the proper time to drive by for pickup. If you have many orders at the same time, phone calls and social media messages will cause you confusion. Make it easy to view all your orders and one-by-one come by for curbside pickup.

4. Does your restaurant have a customer communication tool?

Your restaurant can only communicate to the extent that you let it. If you have restricted your business to phone-calls only, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Get a system that gives you the ability to talk straight to your guests. With a communication tool, your host can text guests as their table is ready and optimize seating. Given this technology, you also have the flexibility to take more orders.

For some helpful tips to better your communication with your guests, check out our blog post here.

5. Does your restaurant have a seamless front-of-house to the back-of-house communication tool? 

One of the most reiterated things spoken about in a restaurant is communication. Servers need to communicate with the hosts when they’re in the weeds and then again with the kitchen if they mess up. But, how?  With the right table management software, you can streamline communication for all.

The days of writing orders down on a notepad and giving a copy to the kitchen are gone. It’s essential to have seamless communication throughout the restaurant to reduce order errors.

Get set up with a system that integrates with your POS so your staff can focus on the guest experience.

6. Does your restaurant have an intuitive inventory management system? 

Restaurant technology has led to solutions that can help you in every aspect. Inventory is no exception being it’s one of the most important things you serve.

An inventory management system can help you save money and reduce your food costs. That’s more money in your pocket and the prevention of food waste.

Luckily, we have a partnership with a state-of-art inventory software system, Orca. Orca offers automated ordering and budgeting and tracks your inventory in real-time. By having an intuitive system, it integrates with your POS and allows you to view your food costs to sales ratio.

With an integration like Orca, you’ll never have to 86 your most popular items. An inventory management system is a must if you want efficient ordering.

7. Does your restaurant have a virtual training software to get servers and staff up to speed?

Teach and train your staff with virtual training software. The software chosen to run your restaurant should offer training and online webinars. 

This gives your staff easy access to watch videos and get caught up on the newest features. Virtual training programs allow your staff to go at their own pace and cut labor time for you. Either way, you want a system that is effortless and easy-to-use.

8. Are you able to measure data and have full visibility into all aspects of your operations? 

Understanding your customer’s wants and needs is key to running a business. If you aren’t able to measure data, how will you know when it’s time to make changes? Real-time reports provide you with the data needed to run a more efficient restaurant.

Your reports give you insight into trends, customer preferences, and top items ordered. One of Guest Manager’s features is a performance dashboard that provides this data.

9. Does your restaurant have intuitive seating management and server tracking?

Unlock your restaurant’s fullest potential with a dynamic table management system. Managing waitlists should be easy. If you are still using pen and paper, there’s room for continuous errors and incorrect wait times. Quoting somebody with an incorrect wait time can lead to walking away customers.

How do you track your server’s sales? This performance indicator can help you as you are scheduling staff. By being able to track your server’s sales, you can schedule the ones with the highest sales on your busiest days. It’s important to have a system that assists you in understanding the flow of your restaurant.

10. Does your restaurant have an automated waitlist? 

In preparation for restaurants opening up again, how will you track guests coming in? New regulations will be in place limiting the capacity to practice social distancing. If you are a full-service restaurant, you will need an automated waitlist system.

This will help you spread out reservations in a timely manner and keep your guests safe. A restaurant reservation system will enhance your table management and waitlist system. You want to be able to accept online reservations and see your guest’s dining history. With our Guest Manager system, you can do that, and more.

Why is it important?

When the time comes for your restaurant to open again, technology will help you prepare for it. The goal is to be able to streamline all your operations and communication.

Full or quick-service restaurant, we have a solution for you. Accomplish all the questions above with CAKE’s integrated all-in-one POS system. Our technology and integrations improve your efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

Speak with one of our restaurant specialists today to see how our technology can benefit you. Use technology successfully to take your restaurant to the next level.