If you follow this blog, you already understand how important technology is in restaurant management. Modern restaurant operators have more options every day, in every area of business. Whether you’re seeking out improved accounting software, a fridge that comes when it’s called, or a burger-flipping robot, the options for technological improvements are endless. But it all starts with a Point of Sale.

POS Systems are a vital component of any brick-and-mortar business, especially in the foodservice industry. This week, we’ll take a look at how CAKE’s Point of Sale can improve operations throughout your restaurant. With the right software, you and your staff can provide fast, friendly service to every guest – no matter how busy you get.


Clock In

Great morale means great service. Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive? CAKE includes all the tools you need to help your team succeed. Free basic timecard management lets you track their hours automatically, including breaks and overtime. You can even give managers access to review these numbers directly,

Data like this lets you and your managers track each employee’s progress. Who’s doing a great job? Who could use some support? Streamline your team’s workflow, and free up the time you need to focus on the rest of your business.


Order Up

Automated stock counts keep you and your servers up-to-the minute information. And if it’s time to make a change. CAKE’s user-friendly interface lets you update your menu with the tap of a finger. Change menu items, descriptions, and prices in real time – even in the middle of a busy shift.

Imagine your restaurant gets a great review, and business doubles in a day. You may not have time to reorder the ingredients for your signature dish. With real time stock counts and menu updates, every server can see exactly how much is left of each dish, and inform guests before they even order. This gives guests the sense of being in on a secret, instead of disappointing them when you run out of a menu item. Best of all, it gives your servers the opportunity to upsell other items while they build trust with loyal fans.


Check Out

Cash or credit? With CAKE, you can accept payments any way you prefer. Our restaurant-proof hardware processes each ticket quickly and easily. For QSRs, we recommend an additional customer-facing display so your guests can sign with a finger and receive e-receipts. Enter each guest’s email address into your mailing list, and connect with them even on days they don’t visit.

Full Service Restaurants can take easy checkout a step further with CAKE OrderPads. This mobile solution allows customers to pay for a meal in just one step, signing their e-receipt on a server’s iPad. Impress your customers with this cutting-edge technology, and save time for your entire staff.

With the proper tools in hand, a small business owner can accomplish anything. For a restaurateur, one of those tools is a Point of Sale system. The right software can improve revenue, customer loyalty, and employee morale. Invest in your own success by making restaurant management a piece of CAKE.