As any restaurant operator knows, brunch has been a growing trend for several years now. But this trend isn’t limited to the weekends; your guests want more from their morning meal, every day of the week. Maybe it’s because more and more Americans are working from home – or maybe it’s because they’re more focused on health than ever. Whatever the reason, breakfast just became the most important meal of the day for restaurants, as well as consumers.


Putting the Fast Back in Breakfast

28% of consumers would order breakfast for delivery if they could. If your restaurant doesn’t already offer this option, you can start planning around what foods travel best. WIll your fried eggs still taste good after 20 minutes in styrofoam – or should you invest in plastic containers? Do your delivery drivers have enough room to safely transport 10 cups of coffee, or is it time to upgrade their cupholders? Make sure you have the infrastructure you need to keep your customers happy, all day, from anywhere.


Breaking Old Habits

What does “breakfast” mean to you? Is it the first meal of the day – or is it traditional American breakfast fare, like bacon, eggs, and hash browns? 46% of your guests would like to eat traditional breakfast foods at other times of day. Equip your kitchen with the proper ingredients – and enough space – to serve pancakes, sausage links, omelettes, and other staples during every meal. You may need to redesign your menu so breakfast items are included in every copy, but this small change is well worth the extra profits you’ll see when guests order a side of bacon morning, noon, and night.


Break in New Trends

Your guests will always love the old favorites, but many of them also want newer options. For example, 26% of all consumers (and 35% of consumers aged 18-34) would like to see more breakfast options that feature chicken. A whopping 56% would like more breakfast dishes that are high in protein. These health-conscious eaters might enjoy protein shakes, chicken omelettes, or even chicken sausage. Dishes with many ingredients all mixed together – such as skillets or hash – are a great way to use up any inventory you may have on hand, while still enticing diners with a taste for healthy food.

Breakfast isn’t for everyone – or for every restaurant. If you run a wine bar, for instance, you might not see the most foot traffic early in the morning. But for most restaurants, opening early represents an opportunity to capture more business, from loyal fans and brand new guests alike. Start your year off right, and use these trends to break into the most important meal of the day.