Managing and marketing a successful restaurant means driving new customers and increasing profits.  Hosting live music at your restaurant comes with a lot of benefits that can generate a lot of revenue and reservations. Benefits of live music in restaurants include new customers from the band’s followers, larger orders as customers stay longer, and more reservations since people want to get a good seat.

Hiring a band or musician to play at your restaurant is a great way to drive traffic on slow nights, entertain your guests, and boost profits. However, hosting a successful live music event at your restaurant requires thoughtful planning and the right tools. The band you hire can help you with some logistics, but it’s up to you to make the event profitable. Consider the following five tips when you’re booking live music for your restaurant.

1. Choose a Band That Fits Your Restaurant’s Personality

The live music you choose needs to align with the style of your restaurant and the musical taste of your customers. Restaurants that have a more formal setting usually hire a jazz singer to provide relaxing background music. While a business that serves mainly to college students might seek an up-and-coming indie band to play for the night, it all depends on the type of audience your restaurant attracts.

You should also consider the energy you’re hoping to create when choosing an artist. Bands that play at high volumes might be appropriate for a bar but not for a coffee shop where people meet up to talk over coffee.

2. Outline Expectations in a Contract

Negotiate specific expectations with the performer, and write up a contract before the event. Doing so will legally protect your business as well as the musicians you hire. The contract should specify how long the band is expected to perform, what equipment you expect them to bring, and what you’ve agreed to provide as compensation. You can also include any other details you deem important.

3. Make Space for the Band to Perform

Some restaurants have a dedicated space for live music, such as a stage. Others may need to move tables to accommodate performers. Ask the band how much room they’ll need so that you can choose an appropriate location.

If you end up moving or splitting tables to make space, remember to update your floor plan before the event starts. CAKE’s Guest Manager will allow you to update table information in real-time so that you can seat guests more efficiently.

4. Advertise the Event

One of the benefits of live music in restaurants is the chance to bring in new customers. The band may bring some fans through their own advertising, but restaurant operators need to promote the event as well if they hope to turn a profit. Start by making posters and hanging them up around local areas and nearby businesses that have bulletin boards. You will also want to advertise the event across your social media platforms. Create a Facebook event and invite people from your community to help spread the word and start building awareness before the event.

5. Prepare for Increased Traffic

Live music can bring increased traffic, revenue, and reservations, especially if you’ve booked a popular act. You need to manage this traffic with a durable POS system to make sure customers have a positive experience.

CAKE’s Point of Sale (POS) and Guest Management system can help speed up the order process and allows you to adjust your menu in real-time. Making it possible to manage the challenges of live music events as they occur. Learn more about CAKE’s solutions for the restaurant industry today.