Fall has officially fallen, and Halloween is almost here. As we settle into our sweaters and wool socks, it’s time to take (chicken) stock of all the foods your customers are craving this season! Fall into comfort foods with this listicle of flavors

1. Apples

Apples are in season everywhere, and in some regions they’re just a hayride away. Hungry diners in New England and the Midwest are flocking to nearby orchards to pick their own apples, drink cider, and feast on apple cider donuts. Wherever your restaurant is located, it’s time to appeal to their love of classic fall flavors. Apple pie, apple crumble, and apple butter are just desserts; why not offer a special apple-tini at your bar? You can even include apples in your crudite platter, or layer them on seasonal sandwiches.

2. Pumpkin

In the past few years, restaurants have seen record-breaking profits from popular limited-time offers like the pumpkin spice latte. Whether you’re serving PSLs or pumpkin pie, you can leverage the popularity of the flavor in your favor. Following this explosive trend shows your guests that you’re listening to their preferences, and updating your menu to meet their expectations.


3. Squash

Squash isn’t just nutritious – it’s also a beautiful, ‘grammable veggie that will get guests excited about your seasonal specials. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, turban, carnival, and delicata squashes are just a few of the options you’ll see at this time of year. This hearty vegetable tastes good with all sorts of spices, from spicy cayenne pepper to sugar and cinnamon. Serve it hot to warm up your guests, or just arrange decorative gourds throughout your restaurant to celebrate the season.


4. Maple

As usual, this year’s trendy new flavor was first spotted in liquid form. Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are serving maple-pecan drinks this year. If we learned anything from the #PSL craze, it’s that beverages are a great indicator of your guests’ new favorite flavor. But will maple ever really surpass pumpkin’s popularity? As Pat Cobe, menu analyst & senior editor at Technomic, says: “Consumers are fickle.”


Whatever cuisine you specialize in, there are countless ways to incorporate seasonal flavors this fall. From maple gelato to squash tempura, your guests are excited to hunker down with the flavors that make them feel cozy.