Here’s a real treat: the National Retail Federation predicts that Halloween sales will hit a record-breaking high of $9.1 billion in 2017. With 72% of American consumers planning to celebrate the year’s spookiest holiday, your restaurant can conjure up some impressive profits before the night is out.

No matter what you’ll be wearing on the 31st, you can treat yourself to extra revenue by dressing up your restaurant. Here are a few ways to scare up sales that will haunt your profit margin all year long.


Spooky Menu

Seasonal specials and LTOs are increasingly popular among guests of all ages. But no matter what you’re serving, you can use the magic of marketing to entice every ghoul and boy. Write up a special Halloween menu to get guests in the spirit. Whether you’re serving bloody tomato sauce or spooky sushi, a few choice words and a thematic menu design will be sure to catch their eyes.

With the proper inventory tracking system, you can even create special dishes with leftover stock. If your restaurant serves alcohol, why not make an eye-catching dry ice cocktail? If you offer a children’s menu, skinned grape “eyeballs” might be more popular. Dressing up any items you’re trying to move through will be just the trick to treat each customer right.


Scary Decor

Your restaurant’s visual impact can directly affect guest satisfaction. Eateries around the world are moving toward interior design that looks good in social media, especially Instagram. Consider promoting your Halloween events with spooky spiderwebs, ghoulish gourds, and eerie lighting.

Great photos of your holiday decorations will encourage guests to come out to celebrate the actual holiday at your restaurant – but the fun doesn’t end there. Visual assets are an important part of any social media or marketing campaign. Photos taken this year can help you promote events in the future, or just remind loyal fans of the great times they had at your restaurant.


Sweet Promotions

Restaurants and chains around the country are building special Halloween promotions into their marketing strategies. Chipotle is offering $3 Booritos to customers in costume, and many different restaurants are inviting kids in costume to eat free. What special treats will you offer your loyal fans for the holiday?

Interestingly enough, Halloween sales aren’t just about your bottom line. Your revenue on and around October 31st is a great predictor of your upcoming winter holiday sales – which make up 20% of most business owners’ annual revenue.