For many guests, making reservations is an important part of a meal. Who wants to arrive at their favorite restaurant, just to find that there’s a two-hour wait for the table? In an era when most of your customers will look you up online before they even leave the house, it’s important that you offer them the tools they need to enjoy the best possible dining experience.


1. App-etizing Options

Most, if not all, of your customers have smart phones. If there’s a lull in the dinner, they might even whip them out at the table. Mobile apps are a fantastic way to connect with these guests. By encouraging them to download a restaurant booking app, you ensure that you’ll stay connected even after they finish their meal. In the long run, retaining guests who enjoyed their experience is far more profitable than seeking out new customers.


2. All in the Timing

A restaurant booking system will let your restaurant to accept reservations well in advance of the actual date. This empowers your guests to plan ahead, so they can rest assured that you’ll have their favorite table ready right at 7 pm. Special treatment makes customers feel valued and important, improving both their experience and loyalty.


3.  Looking Forward

Perhaps the most compelling reason of all to implement restaurant reservations online or through an app: accepting advance bookings empowers you to look ahead at your projected numbers. If you have 50 reservations on the books for Saturday night, why not call in an extra server? On the other hand, if you only have 1 table reserved for lunch on Thursday, that might be the perfect time for you to organize your stockroom. Whatever the future holds, restaurant booking can help you anticipate it.

However you choose to accept reservations, it’s important that you meet your guests on their own terms. Use your guest management system to track where your restaurant bookings are coming from, and increase advertising on that channel. Whether your guests are searching for your restaurant name, connecting on Facebook, or finding out through friends, more information will improve your overall marketing strategy.