The restaurant industry is constantly evolving.  Staying on top of trends, technology, and more is no easy feat while still running a successful business. 

Enter podcasts – the convenient way to soak up knowledge from industry experts, learn the next food trends, or be inspired by your peers. Since you can download or stream them to your phone, restaurant podcasts are the ideal way to stay informed while on the go. Here are the top 5 restaurant-focused podcasts we can’t get enough of.


1. Restaurant Unstoppable

Hosted by Eric Cacciatore, Restaurant Unstoppable features learnings and advice from proven restaurant industry professionals. With 2 podcasts released weekly with over 600 podcasts, there is no shortage of knowledge and entertainment. Episodes include a broad variety of topics from optimizing profits, restaurant technology, marketing strategies, and more. Take a listen as guests explain what it takes to be successful in the restaurant industry and be unstoppable!

Our favorite episode: Episode 637: Kasey Anton & Mike Michalowicz on Taking Your Profit, First

2. Small Bites

Take a (small) bite of the #1 food radio show in Philadelphia and the most popular weekly hospitality-based program. Join Donato Marino and Derek Timm of for Small Bites with innovative and often hilarious episodes covering food and beverage, travel, nightlife, books and magazines, entertainment, and all topics really related to the hospitality industry. Tune in live Sundays from 6:35PM to 7:35 PM EST, or catch the podcasts any time to get your weekly dose.

Our favorite episode: Episode 108 with Chef Robert Irvine 

3. Restaurant Rockstars

For tips and relevant restaurant industry advice from a seasoned restaurant owner and consultant, tune in to Restaurant Rockstars with Roger Beaudoin. With valuable lessons from his own 18+ years of experience, you’ll come away learning about a broad range of topics from marketing strategies, how to be profitable, future trends, and in-depth interviews with industry experts.  

Our favorite episode: Episode 174: Running Your Restaurant Can Be a Piece of CAKE

4. Duffified Live

For real, unscripted, and highly entertaining conversations with a restaurant insider, join Chef Brian Duffy on his adventures opening bars and restaurants all over the world as one of the most sought after restaurant consultants. Duffified Live with Chef Brian Duffy features his thoughts on current events, pop culture, stories from friends, peers, and all the colorful people he’s met along the way, with business insights sprinkled in-between. 

Our favorite episode: Duffified Live: TV & Celebrity Chef David Rose 

5. Bartender Journey

If you are looking for impassioned talk about bartending, spirits, and cocktails, look no further than the Bartender Journey podcast. With topics ranging from spirit and cocktail knowledge, bartender culture, tipping, and more, Brian Weber’s laid back vibe goes down easy. 

Our favorite episode: Episode 277: Sustainability in the Bar Industry