About 38%of restaurant owners believe that guest expectations are outpacing their own technology developments. And yet, four out of five restaurant owners say that technology increases their productivity and sales, according to the National Restaurant Association. The same number also claim that tech gives them a competitive edge. Integrating new software into your business is the first step you can take toward a brighter future in the industry.

In a previous blog, we outlined how guest management software aids in the creation of personalized loyalty programs, provides more accurate wait times, and streamlines the reservation process. But there’s so much more! Here are three MORE ways you can use guest management software to improve daily operations.


1. Track No-Shows

Wait times are not uncommon at restaurants, but how you manage them can make all the difference. Take the dinner rush, for example. If you see an ample amount of foot traffic during dinner time, you need to manage reservations, as well as the customers who come through the door.

With today’s guest management software, you can closely track reservation no-shows to free up more tables for waiting guests, allowing you to take advantage of as much business as possible.

Some software can also be used with a restaurant app. This will empower you to stay connected to customers while they wait, reducing walkaways by providing real-time updates on table availability.


2. Use Reporting Insights in Real Time

Whether it’s a busy Saturday evening or a slow Tuesday afternoon, you should always know exactly what’s happening in your restaurant. With guest management software, you can generate up-to-the-minute reports for insight into everything from reservations to payments.

Perhaps you’ve added a new item to your menu. If you want to see how it’s performing within its first few days, you can pull up your guest management software to see how many customers have ordered it. With this information, you can also determine if a price adjustment is needed to increase demand. It’s these types of quick changes that can eventually make a difference in your bottom line over time.


3. Enhance Table Management

Gone are the days of laminated sheets and markers for table management. With today’s guest management software, the process of managing tables has gone digital.

If you have two different floor maps for lunch and dinner, for example, you can craft them with software and deploy them when necessary. On-the-spot adjustments can be made with a few taps on your screen.

You can also integrate reservations made by customers through your restaurant app. This will allow you to assign tables to guests more efficiently, improving your daily table turns.


Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction is critical to sustaining your business over time. With the right guest management software, you can enhance the customer experience and keep operations running smoothly.

How are you using guest manager software to provide a better customer experience?