Web-based restaurant reservation software, like CAKE’s Guest Manager, can help your restaurant cut wait times and decrease walk-aways. Customers appreciate the ability to reserve their table online, so they don’t have to call or hang around waiting for their table. In this chapter, we’ll discuss Guest Manager and its benefits in more detail. We’ll also talk about our online ordering system to show you how to impress customers before they even take a bite.


What Is Guest Manager and How Does It Work?

Guest Manager is CAKE’s table management software that’s integrated with the POS system. Guest Manager works in two different ways. First, employees use the Guest Manager to easily create a customized floor plan to match the design and layout of the restaurant. Staff can use Guest Manager from any station in the restaurant, so the host can see when a table is ready for the next party. With Guest Manager, host staff can provide more accurate wait times and text guests when their table is available. Customers can browse at nearby shops while they wait for the text instead of sitting at the entrance of a busy restaurant.

Customers use Guest Manager to easily make reservations online so they can wait for their table while they run an errand or relax at home. With the Guest Manager app, guests can check the status of their reservation and wait time, and cancel their reservation conveniently from their phone. You can reduce walk-aways by up to 28% when you offer Guest Manager.

Consider how Guest Manager improved business for Ippudo NY, a popular restaurant in New York City. Ippudo NY was receiving an average of 20 complaints a week about waits. Over 12% of guests added to the waitlist walked away. Host staff felt overwhelmed by the large waitlists and hungry guests. Thanks to CAKE Guest Manager, Ippudo NY experienced:

  • 25% decrease in walk-aways
  • 50% decrease in wait time complaints
  • 33% less staff required to manage the waitlist

Penelope, another popular NYC restaurant, was experiencing over 25% of guests walking away due to long waits. With CAKE’s Guest Manager, Penelope experienced a 28% drop in walk-aways and a 66% decrease in wait time complaints.


What Is an Online Ordering System?

An online ordering system allows customers to order and pay for food with their credit or debit card entirely online. They might ask for delivery or may want to pick the food up from the restaurant themselves. Restaurants that want to grow should consider that many of today’s customers want to order food through apps on their phones and eat at home. They appreciate the accuracy, convenience, and fast payment processing associated with online ordering. According to the NPD Group, delivery sales increased 20% from 2013 to 2018, mainly due to digital online ordering. Online ordering POS integration also stores customer data and can recommend items and add-ons based on a customer’s ordering history to create a personalized experience.

Online ordering is convenient for customers, and it saves time for your staff. When a customer calls in to make an order, they take up time that your team could use in other ways. With online ordering, your staff will not be tied up on the phone as much. Online ordering also saves you money. When orders are accurately fulfilled, you’ll have fewer mistakes to toss in the garbage.

With an online ordering system, you’ll naturally boost revenue. Customers tend to spend more when they order online, and they’re also loyal to businesses who offer this option. Customers visit a restaurant 67% more frequently when they can order online. Online ordering has the potential to boost takeout revenue by 30% overall. It makes sense –– with online ordering, you can serve more customers without filling the dining room. With CAKE’s integrated online ordering POS system, staff can easily accept orders with one click and send them straight to the kitchen.